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  • Empowering girls

    through the facilitation of creative Skills,
    Space and Scholarships

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Facilitating a spectrum of creative and practical out-of-school Skills

Running an alternative Space

Running an alternative Space equipped with reading and writing tools

Giving out Scholarships

Giving out Scholarships to girls in low income primary schools

Empowering Girls

aged 3 to 12 in underserved communities through the facilitation of creative Skills, Space and Scholarships.

The background of GirlBe

GirlBe was born out of Rehema Nsan's life experience as a teenage youth raised with a range of difficulties including lack of access to education, exposure to HIV/AIDS, alcoholism and homelessness from a young age. By searching for a better future and exploring her inner self, she discovered her musical potential. It is through this self-discovery that she envisioned a society full of empowered young women, equipped with the awareness and the ability to transform their lives and uplift their communities. GirlBe started as a garage program and over the years has been based at a friend's back yard, a local school compound, an old cinema hall, a community centre and currently at the GirlBe Space.

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